Brilliant Elixirs

The world's most powerful herbal Elixirs.  

Our mantras:  Drink Herbs, Feel Good, Love Life.

Brilliant Elixirs take social drinking beyond booze with organic, tasty, botanical beverages that produce delightful sensations without synthesized chemicals or alcohol.

We source powerful plants from around the world and craft them into delectable drinks.  We bottle our beverages for shelf stability in Oakland, California and ship them world-wide.  

Brilliant teams, which we call the Brilliant Buzz , serve our Elixirs at bars, nightclubs, parties, and festivals in the Bay Area and beyond.  



Elemental Elixir Line

Our principal line of Elixirs are designed to emulate the four elements of our physical world. 



Dreamy Euphoriant

Taste: Tropical Spice

Wash away your worries and experience the contentment of herbal euphoria.



Stimulating Dance Aphrodisiac

Taste: Chili Chocolate

Stimulate the senses with rare South American aphrodisiacs empowering you with kinetic energy and erotic strength.



Restorative Blissful Adaptogen

Taste: Cool Coconut Chai

Balance your body with adaptogenic plants & mushrooms to feel really REALLY gooooood.



Energizing Neuro-Tonic

Taste: Refreshing Mint Tea

Elevate your presence with focused curiosity and confidence.

Elemental Elixirs

: Earth : Air : Fire : Water :

Our principal line of Elixirs exist to enhance our lives.


Brilliant Passion

January 24, 2014

The Brilliant Elixirs story is now a passion story on     "What inspired Brilliant Elixirs? How did you two connect and come up with the idea? Michael: I love enjoying social beverages and periodically take breaks from drinking alcohol, but still desire to feel that warm social openness it can give.  I started making an early version of “MoonShine” two years ago with the help of a master herbalist and I was sold from then on!  It was really rewarding to serve these early versions to friends at events and see them have such a good time. Making them on a larger scale was a clear next step. Brandon: I missed the social drinking experience after developing pancreatitis and having to give... Continue Reading →

Brilliant Elixirs served on 2013 Festival Circuit

December 29, 2013

We traversed the West Coast serving up our alcohol-free Elixirs to festival-goers in 2013.  Brilliant had a presence at Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man (unbranded, of course), and Symbiosis.  Check out the write-up of Brilliant Elixirs at Symbiosis by "Meditation, intention, and f*cking dance evoke ecstasy. ... There are other elements outside of chemically induced ecstasy. There’s a world of natural concoctions that invoke bliss all around us. Brilliant Elixirs is just one example of alcoholic alternatives; natural herbs and healthy ingredients to induce feelings comparable to those of alcohol, caffeine and MDMA. Selling drinks such as Moonshine and Lustre, allowed for a natural boost worth flailing about. And when we searched for whiskey backstage at the Juke Shack while... Continue Reading →